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Product Description

KBS Diamond Finish ClearCoat is permanent high solids, single component moisture curing custom Clear Coat.

Diamond Finish ClearCoat is the latest development in ultra high performance clear coats with very high solids (over 60%) and low VOCs. Once cured it is incredibly tough and hard like no other clear coat you have used before. This water clear 100% wet gloss clear coat remains permanently flexible and is able to perform in the toughest environments including Australia's highest UV applications without yellowing or cracking.

Diamond Finish ClearCoat can be applied by brush (without brush marks) roller and conventional spray gun easily and unlike normal 2 Pak coatings no hardener is needed! Diamond Finish ClearCoat can cure without heat or UV lights in temperatures from 6°C to 30°C.

This is a unique type of coating in Australia and unlike any other conventional clear coat, so please read the guidelines, directions and warnings thoroughly.

Important Warnings

  • Do not paint out of the can
  • Keep lid on at all times
  • Seal can immediately after use. Push Gladwrap down into the can to the surface of the paint to reduce the air in the can and have this hang over the edge of the can when you put the lid on. Air in the can will cause the coating to cure in the can.
  • Keep paint groove free of coating try KBS Paint Spouts
  • If spraying you must follow all warnings and cautions on the can and in directions

Surface Preparation

For clear coating over base coat: Apply base coat as normal, as per manufactures directions and allow to dry, normally about an hour.

For clear coating over solid colour or fully cured coatings: Clean the surface with KBS AquaKlean, deglaze with 600-1200 sandpaper and clean again, allow to dry.

For clear coating over metals: Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Brass
Metals should be freshly polished or sanded to the finish required and cleaned thoroughly with KBS AquaKlean or a similar high evaporation solvent which does not leave a residue. An additional clean and light surface etch may be provided as follows:For ferrous metals, clean with KBS AquaKlean at a dilution rate of 10 parts hot water to 1 part AquaKlean with the use of a soft non-abrasive cleaning pad. Rinse the solution immediately and ensure that it is not allowed to sit on the surface. Dry the surface in a way as to minimise water stains.For non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.), clean with KBS AquaKlean at a dilution rate of 25 parts hot water to 1 part AquaKlean (4% strength) with the use of a very soft non-abrasive cleaning pad. Rinse the solution immediately and ensure that it is not allowed to sit on the surface. Dry the surface in a way as to minimise water stains.
For all bare metal applications, always use KBS Adhesion Promoter to maximise adhesion of the DiamondFinish Clear to the substrate metal. Always prepare a test piece in case of any doubt.

For clear coating wood: Wood surfaces should smooth and dry with the wood having a low moisture content. Any failed coatings should be removed and the surface sanded smooth and dust removed. The initial coat of DiamondFinish Clear should be thinned by approximately 30% using KBS #1 Thinners. Apply a single covering coat to seal the wood. Allow to cure 24 hours. After the initial coat, the wood will generally need to be sanded smooth again as DiamondFinish Clear will raise the wood grain with the first coat. Sand the surface smooth with fine grade of sand paper (280-320 grit). Apply at least an additional full coat for general applications and a minimum of 3 coats for marine or industrial users.


Preparing for application


Ideal application temperatures are 15-25°C.

Use only in moderate to dry atmospheric conditions i.e 65% humidity and lower.

Do not shake can. DO NOT PAINT OUT OF CAN! After a good stir, dispense a working amount of Diamond Finish ClearCoat into a separate container (steel or glass is best) and seal original can immediately. Unused paint should NEVER be put back into the can as it will shorten its shelf life and cause pressure build-up possibly popping the lid. Keep can groove free of paint by using a scoop or KBS Paint Spout. Use plastic wrap between the lid and the top of the can to stop metal to metal contact as Diamond Finish ClearCoat can permanently seal the lid. If there is any trouble resealing the can lid tightly, transfer and store Diamond Finish in a proportionally sized clean glass jar. Always store in a cool dry place.

Applying Diamond Finish Clearcoat

Apply Diamond Finish ClearCoat to clean & dry prepared surfaces using a bristle brush, foam brush, roller, or spray equipment. Diamond Finish has superior self-leveling. Brush marks will flow out. When brushing apply thin covering coats.


Thinning is not generally required if brushing, for spraying 10%-15% is normally adequate but can be thinned up to 30%. Use KBS #1 Thinner ONLY. When spraying: Spray pressure of 35-45 psi, 250-330kpa for siphon/pot guns and 25-35psi, 170-250kpa for gravity/top container guns.

Always apply a MINIMUM of 2 covering coats, first coat thin covering followed by moderate to full coat (50um each approximately) for general applications. For marine or industrial applications, apply a MINIMUM of 3 thin covering coats (50um each).

Re-coating can be done once the first or consecutive coat is dry-to-touch and does not leave a fingerprint. Remember to clean your spray gun immediately after using Diamond Finish.

FOR BEST END RESULTS, always apply coats consecutively within 6 hours of each coat curing.

Average cure times are 1-2 hours, depending on humidity levels.


Do not apply Diamond Finish in wet or humid conditions to avoid rapid curing. Do not apply Diamond Finish too thick or too quick between coats. In each of these instances, surface bubbling may result as released carbon dioxide becomes entrapped beneath the top surface layer of paint.

Clean Up

Use KBS #1 Thinner or gun clean for immediate clean up including your spray gun. IMPORTANT: Remember Diamond Finish must be cleaned up before it dries. It cannot be removed by any solvent once cured.

Always wear protective gloves to avoid skin contact and temporary staining. If skin contact accidentally occurs, immediately remove with #1 Thinner or lacquer thinner followed by soap and water. If Diamond Finish should stain your skin, only the course of time will remove it.

General Painting Tips & Guides

  • If painting in conditions of high temperature and humidity thin Diamond Finish more than normal to avoid gassing.
  • Do not use UV or bake lights to cure Diamond Finish
  • Diamond Finish will take 4 days to become hard under normal conditions and will continue to harden over the following weeks.
  • In spray booths use low air flow and moderate temperatures for curing.
  • Diamond Finish can be cut and polished as a normal clearcoat after 24 hours under normal conditions.