KBS Rust Eradication, Coatings & Preparation Products


Chassis, fuel tanks, underbody and engines will all benefit from the range of cleaners rust killers and coatings KBS has on offer.


KBS coatings are made tough to deal with the harsh corrosive environment of the oceans, protecting your vessel and its components.


Restore and protect your valuable farm equipment with the KBS range of coatings. 


The KBS range has many uses across industry- we have the products to prep and protect.


From big commercial applications to smaller repairs the KBS range will get the job done.


KBS products are easy to use and perfect for those jobs around the house and in the garage.

New Products!

Check out a couple of new products that have just been released!

  • High Performance

    Black butyl rubber with black aluminium backing layer and paper release liner. Acoustic Loss Factor performance exceeds market leader (using ASTM E756 at 200hz)

  • Ease of Use

    300mm x 550mm sheets with 15 sheets per carton (2.475m2 per carton). Total thickness 1.8mm (1.7mm modified butyl sheet with 0.1mm aluminium backing)

  • Easy to Use

    Can be applied directly to clean, dry and rust-free metal, over a suitable primer or over well-prepared existing coatings.

  • High Performance

    Self-levelling and will not blister, flake, crack or peel. Transmission fluid,oil and petrol resistant.

Why choose KBS products?

KBS Coatings produce a range of single component coatings for the automotive, marine, agriculture, industrial, commercial and domestic and maintenance industries. The advantage of using KBS's technology is the convenience of a single pack coating with no hardeners or mixing ratios to worry about, and performance levels that greatly exceed regular two component coatings. In addition, the high solid nature of KBS Coatings Moisture cured urethane (MCU) gives the added advantage of low Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our coatings have some of the worlds highest environmental standards for solvent based coatings.

KBS 3 Step Total Rust Eradication System

KBS Coatings products are designed to work as a complete system. KBS Coatings' unique 3 Step Oxygen Block System offers the proper surface preparation and unmatched rust stopping power.

  • Step 1 Clean - KBS AquaClean

    KBS AquaKlean prepares your paint job with a clean surface. AquaKlean deeply penetrates and removes stubborn soil from most surfaces leaving no residues, noxious odours, or flammable solvents. In commercial environments sandblasting will provide a similar result.

  • Step 2 Prep - RustBlast

    RustBlust is a powerful water based rust remover and zinc phosphate pre-priming etch. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and simple to use.


  • Step 3 Coat - RustSeal

    RustSeal is a single component high-solid content, rust sealer with a smooth rock-hard finish that resists chips and scratches. It is impervious to road salts and almost every chemical. 


How To Videos

In this series of videos we provide guides in how to use some of our most popular products to ellicit the best performance and longevity.