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To achieve expert results, please take the time to carefully read and understand the following directions before you begin your restoration project. These directions are meant to be general guidelines only and do not cover every application or environmental situation. If you have remaining questions or concerns, please call us toll-free for technical assistance.

ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES AND SAFETY GLASSES. ALWAYS WORK IN A WELL-VENTILATED AREA. Please read all warnings and caution notices on all products.

Also see XTC Detailed Technical Data.


KBS XTC Xtreme Temperature Coating is a high temperature/heat resistant coating formulated specifically to protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 260°C - 812°C. With proper preparation, XTC provides outstanding adhesion, film integrity, corrosion, weathering and thermal shock-resistance throughout this entire temperature range, and is guaranteed not to burn off!

Surface Preparation

To ensure optimum long-term coating system performance, steel surfaces must be dry and free from dirt, oils, rust, and other contaminants.

The ideal surface preparation is abrasive sand blasting which ultimately leaves the desired anchor pattern for proper adhesion. Using glass beads or non-abrasive medias is not recommended as these medias tend to leave the surface too smooth for proper adhesion.

After blasting, use compressed air to blow off any residual blast media. Be sure to wear surgical-type gloves when handling to keep natural body oils off the prepared surface.

If not sandblasting, prepare surface by using stainless steel or nylon wire wheel, wire brushing, or abrasive sanding using 60-80 grit paper. This method will provide a surface equivalent to that provided by sandblasting and allow the desired surface profile (anchor pattern).

Always wear protective gloves when working with XTC (try KBS Black Nitrile disposable gloves).


Do not open containers until ready to use. Re-disperse any settled-out pigments by stirring with a paint paddle to a uniform consistency. Keep lid on container when not in use.


KBS XTC Xtreme Temperature Coating may also be applied by conventional or HVLP spray, airless spray, brush or roller. Do not apply Hi-Temp in heavier films than specified since blistering may occur. For maximum corrosion protection, metal surfaces should be primed with KBS XTC Zinc Primer – our silicone zinc – dust, heat, and corrosion resistant primer (25um), then topcoated with one coat (35-50um) of the XTC color of your choice.

If not using KBS XTC Zinc Primer, apply two coats (35um each) of XTC Xtreme Temp Coating allowing at least 8 hours between coats and allow the second coat to dry at least 8 hrs before subjecting surface to any heat.

Brush Application

FOR BEST RESULTS, use natural bristle or foam/sponge brushes (try KBS Paint Brushes). Apply full covering coats (35-50um). Do not flood surface with coating. Brush out thoroughly, maintaining a continuous wet edge and uniform appearing paint film. Do not over work brushing while attempting to eliminate brush marks. Whatever brush marks don't flow out during air dry process will flow out during initial heat curing. Do however avoid runs or drips.

Allow first coat to air dry at least 8 hrs before applying recommended second coat. Allow second coat to cure at least 8 hrs before subjecting to heat curing.


XTC can be thinned up to 5% (20 parts paint/1 part thinner). Only thin using KBS #1 Thinner. Note: Use of other thinners not approved by KBS may hinder product performance and void product guarantee.

Dry Time

21°C 50% RH. XTC will air dry tack and thumb print free within 1/2 - 1 hour. Allow at least 8 hours dry time between coats. Allow at least 8 hour solvent flash off period before heat curing or placing into service.

Optimum film properties require a heat cure of 176°C for 20 minutes. Equipment such as exhaust manifolds & headers protected with the XTC in the air-dried state will heat cure when placed into service.

Clean Up

Thoroughly flush spray equipment and hoses immediately after use with KBS #1 Thinner or lacquer thinner. Dismantle spray equipment and clean parts, brushes or rollers.


Store in a cool, dry place with temperatures between 5°C and 35°C. Keep container closed when not in use.